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Melissa x Orla + Cosmo

Melissa x Orla + Cosmo

Cosmo Rio is a Rio label focused on beachwear clothing and accessories. Through its pieces, the brand seeks to support the female body, encouraging movement and increasing self-confidence so you can express who you are, every day. The Melissa Patty Orla + Cosmo drop is a clog with a retro touch that features the Orla print on the upper strap and sole.

This classic print from the brand pays homage to an iconic design in Rio: the Copacabana Waterfront. With just a wide strap that goes from the toes to the instep, the Melissa Patty Orla + Cosmo is a light and simplified platform, but one that attracts attention wherever it goes. Oh, and it also has a soft insole, to ensure maximum comfort. What's not to love?

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Melissa Patty Orla + Cosmo - Beige BlackMelissa Patty Orla + Cosmo - Beige Black
Melissa Patty Orla + Cosmo - Pink BlackMelissa Patty Orla + Cosmo - Pink Black