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Australia has a remarkable relationship with boots. For centuries we have relied on boots to get us through tough times - whether it be in the outback or inner city, boots have become an inseparable part of our lives.

So it’s no surprise that Melissa has picked up on this, and this season for the first time is offering a range of boots in all shapes and sizes to fit in with your life. What Melissa offers is next-level comfort, modern styling and an incredible range of colours that go from sombre beiges and olive greens, classic blacks and browns, to pop colours such as reds, greens and even multi glitter.

So whether you are after a classic slip-on boot with elasticized sides (Melissa Step Boot), a revamped lace-up hiker (Melissa Cosmo Boot), a lace-up boot with a punk attitude (Melissa Coturno Boot), a chunky fashion-forward platform slip-on boot (Melissa Grip Boot), or a funky knee-high boot with a heel (Melissa Nancy Boot) - there is a boot for everyone.

But what will really convince you to make a switch to Melissa boots this winter is the fact that they are all-weather. Every vegan boot is 100% waterproof, as well as having insulated, comfy insoles which help your feet to breathe. Once again, Melissa is the practical choice - but we always do things in style!

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Melissa was born out of disruption. We emerged in 1979 to transform plastic into classic, and classic into extraordinary.

The Aranha style, inspired by the footwear worn by French Riviera fishermen, was an immediate success and has become a symbol for generation after generation.

Our Philosophy

“Our story is yours. And in your story there is Melissa.“

Melissa is made of stories. Each person’s story with the brand is what makes it relevant. It is connecting with others and assimilating other points of view and ways of living that makes us both singular and plural at the same time.


Melissa is art, fashion and design. But it is also sustainability.

We are cruelty-free. And 100% recyclable. Thanks to Melflex®, our very own PVC, every pair of Melissas is flexible, comfortable and resistant. We know that an extraordinary future is only possible if we are very responsible and take a stand.

Learn more about our sustainability journey

Melissa was one of the first brands in the world to create collaborative collections

In 1983, we launched our first collaboration with the iconic Jean-Paul Gaultier, renowned for his eccentric and avant-garde designs. Our products, created with and carrying the signature of big names in fashion, art and design, are accessible to everybody. Take a look at our timeline and reminisce with us about our story.