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Article: Melissa Goes Undercover

Melissa Goes Undercover

Melissa Goes Undercover

It's no secret that Melissa has a longstanding love affair with Japan and Japanese fashion and design. In fact, for decades, creative director Edison Matsuo, himself of Brazilian Japanese descent, was at the the reigns of design at Melissa and created some of the most iconic Melissa styles which still exist today.

Fast forward to 2023, and it makes so much sense that Melissa would hold hands with Japan's leading fashion and streetwear brand Undercover.


Designer and cultural shapeshifter Jun Takahashi created his brand Undercover while he was still in Tokyo's Bunka Fashion College in 1989 (or 1990 - Takahashi himself can't quite remember). Instantly the brand was associated with a punk attitude and a nod to the street that screamed of wit, rebellion and authenticity. With its charismatic prints and references to icons (more about that later) Undercover is distinctive and instantly recognizable.



Equal parts Tokyo street style and Parisian chic, as it nears its 25th birthday, the brand has become vastly more sophisticated, with its Paris fashion shows displaying a newfound deconstructed romanticism, whilst still retaining the streetwise credibility that made the brand so famous. 

With its strengths in neo-punk clothing for men and women, Undercover has become one of the world's most coveted avant-garde fashion brands. Undercover is not only difficult to find - 
it is great to wear.

Part of what makes this Undercover collaboration with Melissa so special is that it plays with motifs that are interwoven into the history of Undercover: the rose, the razorblade, the stud and the thorn all feature prominently in Undercover shows, and this 4-piece Melissa collaboration celebrates that.



The Melissa Spikes Boot by Undercover took buyers by storm when it was first shown in Paris last year. With its unique transparent sole, thorn details and lace-up back, this is a unisex boot that screams neo-punk. You can splash through puddles in these or wear them to a gala - they are an extremely limited style that will have fashionistas gagging.



Next, Melissa and Jun Takahashi reworked an existing sandal base and then created a new top mould for the Melissa Spike Sandal by Undercover. As its name suggests, it is covered with large flat studs and intricate spikes (or rose thorns) to make a unisex sandal that has maximum comfort as well as street cred for miles.



The Melissa Spike Slides by Undercover is an iconic beach slide featuring an intricately designed rose decal being both sweet and punk at the same time. Adding an edge to beachside looks, this gorgeous slide is sure to turn heads.



The final piece in this collection is the Melissa Together Bag by Undercover - a cross-body camera bag that features a razorblade bow and is lined with thorns. Apart from being super cool, don't you think its so cute? Only a Japanese brand could create a bag like this.



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