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The world is changing. And so are we.

In the last few years we have all had to make major life choices about our beliefs, our way of living – and in particular our relationship with the earth. We have had to change, pivot, and adapt.

But mostly, we have learnt how to survive. And thrive.

Melissa is the same, increasing its commitment to sustainable practices and materials whilst taking care of its workers, family and mother earth. Melissa already creates the most sustainable recyclable, cruelty-free jellies in the world. But it is not enough to stop and sit back. So last Summer, Melissa made the big move to experiment with a new material - a biobased EVA foam derived from natural sugarcane.

And we called it Melissa Free.

Melissa Free Grow

Biobased EVA emits on average 20% less CO2eq (international measurement unit that translates greenhouse gases into CO2 equivalent terms) into the atmosphere. This is all about exploring new paths and feeling free in every choice.

In its quest to be even more sustainable, while also remaining cool and fun, Melissa looked to create something more natural, offering freedom of movement, freedom of choice and peace of mind. And making it fashion.

The Melissa Free collection contains no animal content, are cruelty-free, 100% vegan certified, made sustainably in Brazil with love, and are lightweight and super stylish. And best of all, the Free family has a jelly sole with a contrast colour that leaves epic footprints in the sand. 

Melissa Free Bloom

And now, following up on last season's popular flip flop and platform styles (below), we have some new additions to the Melissa Free family. New styles, with the same dose of charisma and style.

Melissa Free Flip Flop

The Melissa Free Bloom gives us a slide that has a double band with a cute bubble vibe. And its sister style, the Melissa Free Bloom Sandal has a tonal strap of jelly at the back to keep you secure while you are walking on the clouds.

Melissa Free Bloom

The unisex, chunky Melissa Free Grow comes in extended sizes, fab colours and has the unique squared off toe we have never seen before. It is as unique as it is fabulous. 

Melissa Free Glow

So live more freely, knowing when you are walking on the earth, you are treading lightly, while still leaving a lasting impression.

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