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Article: Melissa x Viktor & Rolf's Blossom Blooms

Melissa x Viktor & Rolf Blossom

Melissa x Viktor & Rolf's Blossom Blooms

There's nothing more deliciously Springtime than flowering blossoms. Be they cherry, peach or plum, their appearance is a sign that winter is over, that the chill has thawed, and the earth is waking up. Blossoms represent a sense of renewal, elegance and fragile beauty for all of us. 

In Japan, blossoms are so revered that for one week very year during Hanami (literally meaning "looking at flowers"), Japanese take time out to have a picnic, sitting under the pink blossoms and contemplate beauty (usually with some beer or sake). In Tokyo, cool kids flock to the trendy Nakameguro area where street yakitori stalls are set up as the sakura trees cascade over into the river.

Stands to reason, then, that blossoms should have a special place in the world of fashion. In their latest Paris collection, couturiers Viktor & Rolf set out to capture the regal beauty of blossoms, and make this fragile flower wearable for a modern day fashion queen. Not an easy task, and therefore they teamed up with Melissa once again to make the unimaginable impossibly beautiful.


With moulds made out of Melissa's patented recycled Melflex plastic that mimic gorgeous blooms, the 100% vegan Blossom collection is ambitious and like nothing you have ever seen before. Plastic couture practical enough to wear every day, it is nevertheless incredibly special.

Take the platform Melissa Blossom style - with an intricately moulded upper and double strap, the top is literally covered in 3D blossoms. Down below is an ultra-comfy EVA foam platform - it's solid enough to keep its shape, but it provides that special bounce and spring. Easy to wear with a skirt or short shorts, this style is cute, fun and fabulous.

The Melissa Lady Emme is a high fashion heel with 3D blooms at the front and a sleek, slimline silhouette. Perfect for racing season and events, this medium heel maximises support while still giving your leg length and elegance. A cushioned footbed ensures even more comfort, because sometimes a girl needs to work and play in the same pair of heels.

Team these with Melissa Blossom Bag, which has blossom imprints all over. This convertible clutch-cum-shoulderbag is filled with options, coming with 2 different length straps.

Watch the iconic Viktor and Rolf New Royals show here, where they debuted the Blossom range.

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